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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

ISBN 0-7894-6771-2

Harmonizing your inner & outer space. This unique guide to the ancient art of life-space design brings fresh perspectives to shaping the energy that effects health and prosperity.
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Yin Yang

Sexual Healing Through Yin and Yang

ISBN 0-7894-6769-0

Using Sexual Energy for Health, Longevity, and Enjoyment. Secrets of Taoist teachings centuries old are illustrated to help balance energy and encourage healing.
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Architecture Feng Shui in the Galaxy.
(in preparation)
A view on humans and earth from a different perspective.
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Architectural Stories of Ancient Civilizations Exploring similarities and differences of the ancient minds, in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and Mesoamerica (Mexico, Peru).
History of Western Architecture A History of Western Architecture Translation from English to Chinese of text book by Professor David Watkin, at Cambridge University, 700 pages. A text book but also an easy read for history seekers and travel explorers. Published by Bejing Publishing Group, ISBN 978-7-5592-0225-3